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HAPPY 2019 SEASON. The diary is now below. If you want to dive on a Thursday or Friday

give me a text/call on 07729 27761 or drop me an e-mail


One of the last dives the season has been posted on YouTube. Thank you to Will Martin for posting it. UK Diving in OCTOBER take a look on the following link




Welcome to  This is the website for SEA-ZONES boat charter. If you want Scuba diving on a wreck ,or drift a reef, we offer the best value diving in the South East . Located on the East Sussex coast at Newhaven, halfway between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Our 10m (33ft) hard boat offers the ideal, safe way, to dive the vast array of wrecks and reefs for a fantastic days diving. Hot drinks and Scones included. We welcome all divers including small groups and novices and you only need 8 divers to fill the boat.

The day will consist of:


Use the LINKS below and click on the additional information you may need. When you have seen all you want, we will be pleased to take your booking.

WRECK INFO (click here)

CHARTER RATES (click here)

BOOK A DIVE (click here)

THE BOAT (click here)

HOW TO FIND US (click here)

CONTACT US (click here)

USEFUL LINKS (click here)


If you wish to book any of the dates below call friendly Skipper/Diver Mick on 07729 277651 or E-mail


2019 DATES  (Key for diary below)

a) WRECK AND DRIFT DIVE DAYS -These run on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Only 48) If there is a date that has only had part of the boat booked the SPACES are marked Yellow

b) Option for Buddy days-The last Weekend of each month gives an opportunity for booking as a Buddy pair. On these day you can book just 2 spaces on the boat and if that is all that book we still go diving!. (Only 48)

c) I do do MIDWEEK diving. If you want to dive on a Thursday or Friday give me a text/call on 07729 27761 or drop me an e-mail

Saturday 30th March 2019 Booked **
Sunday 31st March 2019 Booked **
Saturday 6th April 2019 Booked **
Sunday 7th April 2019 Booked DU
Saturday 13th April 2019 2 Spaces Available TMx4 KRx2
Sunday 14th April 2019 Booked DPx6 KRx2
Saturday 20th April 2019 Booked **
Sunday 21st April 2019 5 Spaces Available MPx3
Saturday 27th April 2019 Booked BT
Sunday 28th April 2019 Booked **
Saturday 4th May 2019 Booked **
Sunday 5th May 2019 Booked BT
Saturday 11th May 2019 Booked  
Sunday 12th May 2019 2 Spaces Available DPx6
Saturday 18th May 2019 4 Spaces Available TMx4
Sunday 19th May 2019 Booked **
Saturday 25th May 2019 Booked BL
Sunday 26th May 2019 Booked **
Saturday 1st June 2019 8 Spaces Available  
Sunday 2nd June 2019 Booked VJH
Saturday 8th June 2019 Booked VJH
Sunday 9th June 2019 Booked  
Saturday 15th June 2019 4 Spaces Available TMx4
Sunday 16th June 2019 Booked **
Saturday 22nd June 2019 Booked **
Sunday 23rd June 2019 Booked DS
Saturday 29th June 2019 Booked DU
Sunday 30th June 2019 Booked **
Saturday 6th July 2019 Booked TB
Sunday 7th July 2019 Booked **
Saturday 13th July 2019 Booked BL
Sunday 14th July 2019 2 Spaces Available DPx 6
Saturday 20th July 2019 4 Spaces Available TMx4
Sunday 21th July 2019 Booked **
Saturday 27th July 2019 Booked Albi
Sunday 28th July 2019 Booked Albi
Saturday 3rd August 2019 Booked Albi
Sunday 4th August 2019 Booked Albi
Saturday 10th August 2019 Booked **
Sunday 11th August 2019 2 Spaces Available KL x6
Saturday 17th August 2019 Booked **
Sunday 18th August 2019 Booked DS
Saturday 24th August 2019 Booked **
Sunday 25th August 2019 8 Spaces Available  
Saturday 31st August 2019 4 Spaces Available TMx4
Sunday 1st September 2019 Booked **
Saturday 7th September 2019 Booked **
Sunday 8th September 2019 2 Spaces Available DPx6
Saturday 14th September 2019 Booked DU
Sunday 15th September 2019 Booked **
Saturday 21st September 2019 Booked BL
Sunday 22nd September 2019 8 Spaces Available  
Saturday 28th September 2019 4 Spaces Available TMx 4
Sunday 29th September 2019 Booked **
Saturday 5th October 2019 Booked **
Sunday 6th October 2019 2 Spaces Available DPx6
Saturday 12th October 2019 8 Spaces Available  
Sunday 13th October 2019 Booked **
Saturday 19th October 2019 Booked **
Sunday 20th October 2019 8 Spaces Available  
Saturday 26th October 2019 Booked DU
Sunday 27th October 2019 Booked **
Saturday 2nd November 2019 Booked **
Sunday 3rd November 2019 8 Spaces Available  

If you want to book any dates above you can. Just give me a Text/Call on 07729 277651 or drop me an E-mail at


LINKS (click here for links)