Late Season diving UPDATE

I will be continuing to run Sea-Zones between November and March this season. Some of the best dives I have run have been during this time of year.
It does chill down and for most people a chilly surface interval is the deal breaker. I will only be running a single wreck dive, so you will be back ashore warm and toasty within a couple of hours.

I will take a look at the long range forecast and if it looks favourable I will email out a plan for the following weekend. If you are interested in being included on the list please email me on sea.zones@gmail.com and I will add you.


COVID 19 INFORMATION (I am currently running with 6 divers, but currently maintaining existing prices)
Do not come diving, if within the last 14 days you have:

PPE REQUIREMENTS (You need to bring on the day)

DRY BAG- To enable all personal items to be stored safely on deck

FACE MASK/COVERING - I carry spares on-board in case you lose/damage yours HAND SANITISER-. For your own personal use FOOD and DRINK - Refreshments will not be currently offered on-board. ANTI FOGGING LIQUID / RINSING BOTTLE- No mask buckets will be available.


Your temperature will need to be measured before you board Sea-Zones

During the boat Departure and Berthing procedures all divers must wear a face mask/covering

The wheelhouse is strictly out of bounds for divers.

Any items requiring storage in the Wheelhouse, for the duration of the dive, should be given to the skipper for sanitising before storage. They will be re-sanitised before return at the end of the dive (This includes things like Club Oxygen kits, Defibrillators and personal dive kit bags)

Food and drinks can not be supplied, so please bring your own.

All personal possessions should be kept in a dry bag (including PPE, phones, keys and sunglasses) and stored close to your own kit.

Face masks/coverings should be worn when it is not possible to maintain a 1 metre plus distance between other divers. Buddy checks should be performed whilst maintaining a 1 metre plus distance.

Regulator checks must be performed using the purge button and not placed in the diversí mouth.

No spitting in masks whilst on board the boat. Where possible please use anti-fogging liquid and rinse with water.

When entering the water you will be asked in your buddy pairs to move towards the exit point and keep your regulator in your mouth at all times.

When being recovered from the water please keep your regulator in your mouth at all times until you are sat down and ready to dekit.

Please be aware that if that means passing within 1 metres of another diver, they must be wearing a face mask/covering.

The toilet is available, if absolutely necessary. After each use please inform the skipper, as I can disinfect the toilet, handles and hand rails.

When it is not possible to maintain a 1 metre plus distance between other divers a face mask/covering must be worn.




Welcome to www.sea-zones.co.uk  This is the website for SEA-ZONES boat charter. If you want Scuba diving on a wreck ,or drift a reef, we offer the best value diving in the South East . Located on the East Sussex coast at Newhaven, halfway between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Our 10m (33ft) hard boat offers the ideal, safe way, to dive the vast array of wrecks and reefs for a fantastic days diving. Hot drinks and Scones included. We welcome all divers including small groups and novices and you only need 8 divers to fill the boat.

The day will consist of:



One of the last dives the season has been posted on YouTube. Thank you to Will Martin for posting it. UK Diving in OCTOBER take a look on the following link http://youtu.be/ZReYSTQTl6M



Use the LINKS below and click on the additional information you may need. When you have seen all you want, we will be pleased to take your booking.

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If you wish to book any of the dates below call friendly Skipper/Diver Mick on 07729 277651 or E-mail sea.zones@gmail.com


2020 DATES  (Key for diary below)

a) WRECK AND DRIFT DIVE DAYS -These run on Saturday and Sunday (Only £50) If there is a date that has part of the boat booked the spare SPACES are marked Yellow

b) Option for Buddy days-The last Weekend of each month gives an opportunity for booking as a Buddy pair. On these day you can book just 2 spaces on the boat and if that is all that book we still go diving!. (Only £50)

c) I also do MIDWEEK diving. If you want to dive on a Thursday or Friday give me a text/call on 07729 277651 or drop me an e-mail

Nov-March Single wreck Dive Plans emailed out week before Email me to be added to the email list

If you want to book any dates above you can. Just give me a Text/Call on 07729 277651 or drop me an E-mail at sea.zones@gmail.com


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