Below is just a flavor of the many Great dives you can gain access, by  booking a days diving with SEA-ZONES. 


Depths given are  from chart datum. Add approx 2m to depth if diving on a Low Water and 6m for High Water slack.

Click on the BLUE wreck names to see more wreck details and pictures.

INVERCLYDE  (Depth 12m to bottom - 4.4 N/miles West from Newhaven) This Trawler saw service in both World Wars as a minesweeper and patrol ship. She sunk while in tow in October 1942. This is a 215 ton ship with a length of 37m and a beam of 7m. She has a large boiler that sits 3m off the sea bed and make a good shallow dive with plenty of sea life to be seen.

DEVON COAST  (Depth 15m to bottom - 4.4 N/miles East from Newhaven) This is a 3 masted steamer that was 60m long with a beam of over 8m and weighing 668 tons. She sunk while in tow, after a collision in 1908 with another steamer the Jeanie. She sits on the sea bed with parts 2m proud. Her cargo of Cement give her the local name of the 'Stone boat'.

CLODMOOR (Depth 20m to bottom - 4 N/miles South from Newhaven) This is an armed merchantman of 4,525 tons. She was sunk by a torpedo from the UB 39 on 24th March 1917. She was 120m long with a 14m beam. Her iron propeller sticks up at a sharp angle. This is a good wreck for lobsters.

LANCER II (Depth 21m to bottom - 3.3 N/miles South from Newhaven) This is the wreck of a Trawler which sank after she was in collision with HM Yacht Vagrant. She rises up 4-7m from the sea bed. I have fond memories of this one, which I have dived many times. It was my first boat dive in my days as a Novice diver. I have seen this one covered tip to toe with Spider Crabs, in rows, like Supermarket shelves and on a later dive only a hand full of crabs, but shoals of fish. 

OCEANA (Depth 22m bottom 18m top - 15 N/miles East from Newhaven) This is the wreck of a P&O Liner of 6,610 tons. She sunk after a collision with the Pisagua. When she went down she had a cargo that included 750,000 worth of Gold and Silver (3 million in today's money) They say that there is still 3,000 (12,000 today's rate). It is also reported that an ingot was found as recently as 1996,so make sure you have got your goodie bag, you never know your luck. She is 351m long with a 39m beam and sit 4m off the seabed.

CITY of BRISBANE. (Depth 22m bottom 16m top - 3 N/miles South from Newhaven) It is 135m long with a 17m beam. The steam trawler was a victim of the German Submarine UB57 It torpedoed it in the last few months of the War. This one sits upright on the sea bed 5-6m.

MILLGATE. (Depth 22m bottom 19m top- 6.5N/miles South East from Newhaven)

SIDARI 259. (Depth 23m bottom 19m top- 8.7N/miles South East from Newhaven)

LALEN MENDI. (Depth 26m bottom 20m top- 11.5N/miles South East from Newhaven)

CITY of WATERFORD (Depth 30m bottom 20m top - 9.2 N/miles South from Newhaven) This is a 1,334 tons British Steamer. She was in a collision  with the Marpessa, as she returned from Antwerp. Still sitting 10m proud of the seabed and well intact. The gallery's Blue ceramic tiles and cooking pots can still be seen. She is 83m long with a Beam of 11m.

T.R. THOMPSON (Depth 28m bottom 14m top - 7.2 N/miles South from Newhaven) The wreck is 3,538 ton Steamer, that was sunk by the 'U' Boat UB-57.  She lays with her bow facing East, sitting upright, with her highest point being 14m from the sea bed. She is 109m long with a beam of 14m. Shell cases lie in an overturned box by the 4.7 inch gun mounted on the stern. She was carrying a cargo of 5,600 tons of Iron ore, from Algeria to Middlesbrough when she was torpedoed.

FORTUNA.  (Depth 28m bottom 24m top - 6.6 N/miles South from Newhaven) A 76m long Dutch Steamship weighing in at 1,254 tons. It was sunk by a German mine, when it was on its way from Cardiff to Rotterdam.. This is a great dive and always gets a good write up in the dive guides. Reading one of my dive logs it says, 'Shoals of fish and touched a conger on the nose, thought it was a Cod'. If you want to get inside a wreck this is one for you.

ALAUNIA (Depth 29m bottom 17m top - 16.4 N/miles East from Newhaven) This Cunard liner is the largest  wreck in Sussex waters it is 13,405 tons. On a good day the visibility can be up to 18m on a good day! She sank after hitting a German mine and sits at a 45 degree angle on her port side sitting 12m from the sand and shingle sea bed. She is 390m long . It is home to shoals of fish and you can dive this one a few times and still not see the whole of this one.

BLANEFIELD. (Depth 30m bottom 24m top - 9.9 N/miles South East from Newhaven) This is a 3,411 tons Steamer that sunk after a collision with the Kate Thomas. She is 106m long and has a beam of 14m. It sits at a height of between 3m-6m from the sea bed. This is the  wreck that Prince Charles first command in the Navy (HMS Bronnington) dived while he was in command. This has the highlight of the triple expansion boiler the sits amid ships and provides a great dive.

ASHFORD. (Depth 30m bottom 33m top- 8.5 N/miles South East from Newhaven)

BRAUNTON. (Depth 30m bottom 22m top-9.2 N/miles South East from Newhaven)

INGER. (Depth 35m bottom 33m top-8.1 N/miles South East from Newhaven


NYON (Depth 43m bottom 29m top - 10.8 N/miles South East from Newhaven) A Swiss ship of 5,364 tons, on it's way from Antwerp to Montreal, sank on 15th June 1962. After a collision with the Indian ship Jalazad. She was carrying a cargo of cars and 7,000 tons of steel. Her bridge is the highest point sitting 14m from the sea bed and lies East to West with the bow to the West 10m proud of the bottom.


DRIFT 1-SEAFORD GULLIES (8/15m depth- 2.4 N/miles East from Newhaven)

DRIFT 2-BURLING GAP REEF (10/15m depth- 5.8N/miles East from Newhaven)

DRIFT 3- SOUTH WEST ROCKS (8/15m depth- 9.9 N/miles West from Newhaven)

DRIFT 4- ROYAL SOVEREIGN SHOALS (10/15m depth- 15 N/miles East from Newhaven)

DRIFT 5- LOOE GATE (10/15m depth- 9.4 N/miles East from Newhaven)

DRIFT 6- BURROW HEAD (8/15m depth-1.0 miles West from Newhaven)

DRIFT 7- BRIGHTON PIER (5/10m depth- 7.2 miles West from Newhaven)

DRIFT 8-FRIARS BAY (7/10m depth-2.0 N/miles West from Newhaven

These are just a small sample. There are many other great dives that are available. Give us a call if you want to try these or prefer to try another. 

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